"Sleepy Cow, I will protect you."

Life is tough when you're a cow. After a hard day's work, every cow deserves a good night's sleep.

But the night is full of dangers, will you protect her?

Tilt your phone to keep the cow on the platform. Don't let her fall off and whatever you do:

do not tip the cow

Sometimes it's not safe on the ground. Shake your phone to get some air.

As the tastiest of all animals, cows face a menagerie of natural predators. Keep your wits about you if you don't want your cow ending up as someone's dinner.
Just because you're sleeping doesn't mean you can't have style. Slide, sleep and still fabulous.
We hope you'll agree that Sleepy Cow is made of awesome and if you don't believe us, check out these comments from real people.
"It looks like it was drawn by a three year old."
- Alfie

"Cool concept all good with the exception of the Cat face."
- Clive

"Good lord. I dont know even where to start. Come on man, its not a game at all."
- Alex

"That trailer is ridiculous."
- Nathan