"Jumpers? We call em bleaters, but whatever you call em they're comin for us and they ain't taking no prisoners." You wanna stop those bleaters? Then you'll need to bring out the big guns.
Build your deck from a range of powerful cards to stop those bleaters. If you want to survive you'll need to be fast, smart and lucky.
White Fluffy Deadly is a tactical defence CCG shooter. If you want to survive, you'll need to be smart, fast and lukcy.
Energy recharges over time, defeat bleaters to build it up faster.
  • Low value cards cost few orbs but lack power.
  • High value cards are powerful but expensive.
  • Slow speedy bleaters with fences and traps.
  • Large flocks will overwhelm your defences, sometimes only a missile will do!
What's in the box? Bleater beatin goodness, that's what. Earn coins to amp up your arsenal.